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Birthdate:Jul 11
Location:United States of America
I'm a PhD candidate in History at Stanford University, currently living in London. I talk too much and spend my days buried in books.

My journal is friends-locked. Add me and comment on my friends-only entry (if you just add me and don't comment, I won't add you, so please comment). Include in your comment how you found my journal and what interests we share in common.

My user avatars have been made by a variety of talented people. See my icons list for the maker of a particular icon you fancy.

I use several mood themes, which I switch around semi-regularly. My Pride & Prejudice mood theme is made by sarkastic, my Lord Peter Wimsey mood theme by ogeecons, and my West Wing mood theme by galaxy_cauldron.

The image in my friends-only post has been made by winsomewords.

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